My apology for the lack of posts recently.  Our camera died and we are waiting for batteries from Hong Kong to arrive so we can document visually the Liquid Smoke Bacon recipe.  I can report on it now, since we just made it. 

First off, is it the same flavor as true smoked bacon?  No, it isn't.  It is very close to the commercial bacon sold in the USA in terms of flavor.  So while it is not the top of bacon, it is still quite good and substantially better than the bacon we have found in sold commonly in the Philippines, including those marked as "smoked" by the large commercial producers. 

What is very nice about it is how easy it is to make! No smoker, no wood chips, minimum mess.  You add two tablespoons of Liquid Smoke to the Bacon Cure #1, coat the pork belly, then 7 days in the refrigerator, turning over every day or two.  Bingo, you have a very presentable bacon seen all through out North America.  

Our next time of using Liquid Smoke we will do a couple of things different.  We will add some other flavorings to the cure and we will give the cured bacon a second coating of Liquid Smoke before we "finish" the cure process in our oven.  This should enhance the smoked flavor significantly and the the other flavorings will help give a deeper flavor.

Also, on the way for next year: Maple Bacon Cure #1.  We will have Bacon Cure #1 with real maple sugar which is made from maple syrup.  And to help you enhance that nice sweet maple flavor we will have a very limited amount of commercially made Natural Maple Flavor.  Combine very small amounts of the Natural Maple Flavor with real Honey and you get an amazing taste.  When you use that with Maple Bacon Cure #1, you will have an amazing flavor not seen in the Philippines except in the very top end, elite restaurants that use all imported products. 

If you are interested in the Natural Maple Flavor to use with our upcoming Maple Bacon Cure #1, let me know since the supply will be very limited initially. 

We will be updating the blog with reports, with pictures this time, of the Liquid Smoke recipe, our tests with Coco Sugar Cure for bacon, and more.  At the end of December we will be attending an informal class in making Tocino Sausage and developing a recipe for it using Bacon Cure #1.   We will also be looking at Longaneza Sausage, both cased and plain.  We are all looking forward to that very much! 

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