We grew up frying bacon in the skillet.  But is there a better way to cook your bacon?  Yes, there is!  In your oven.  A cookie sheet or pan will do a wonderful job of cooking your bacon.  We set our oven to 175C or 350F, even up to 400F.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to cook bacon this way, but you can do a pan full at a time. 

We save the bacon grease, since it is delicious.  We use if for fried rice, making gravy, all sorts of things.  We've even put in our ground beef for a really juicy hamburger!  Back to the oven.  When your bacon is finished, or even just before it is finished, pull it out.  Let it cool down, damp off the excess grease with a paper towel.  You have precooked bacon.  Next time you need some for breakfast or to chop up and add to your rice, it is already done!  How easy is that?  So convenient and you can have it ready in a snap. 

If you remove it from the oven before it is done, then you can finish it on the stove top when you need it.  If you wait until it is finished, then you simply have to warm it up to eat it.  You can do that on the stove top or in a microwave.  It will be warm in seconds!

One trick we use to get our bacon to look like those perfectly flat pieces the fine restaurants serve is called "Jaccarding".  Sounds difficult, but it isn't.  You just poke your bacon with a fork!  Just work from one end of the bacon to the other, poking it every few millimeters or maybe a quarter inch.  Between fork poking and the oven, your bacon will be just a pretty as that served in the nicest restaurant in Manila or Hong Kong!

Love, Peace, & Bacon Grease!

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    We love bacon! Here we talk about different approaches, flavorings, and both success and failures we have as we make bacon at home. 

    We make it twice a month at a minimum.  It finds its way into lots of dishes. 

    We love food in general, bacon, burgers, hotdogs, pizza, and ice cream are all high on our list of comfort foods.


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