We occasionally treat ourselves to thick cut cured pork chops.  We often cook them on the Weber charcoal grill.  But they are fantastic whether cooked over charcoal, baked in your oven, or grilled on stove!

We use 1 to 2 inch thick pork chops.  Thinner ones will do, but thick ones are such a treat!  Even if they are a meal for two. 

1. Simply measure out 3.77 liters of water or 1 gallon. 
2. Add one level cup of Bacon Cure #1 to the water and mix well.
3. Make sure your pork chops are completely covered by the water.
4. Refrigerate your brine and chops for 2 days.  If your chops are thin, 36 hours will likely do.
5. Remove after two days, and rinse off.
6. Bake or grill your pork chops for a fantastic "hammy" taste!

You can add flavorings to your Bacon Cure #1 brine.  More sugar will make the chops taste more hammy.  Pepper corns, laurel leavers, or rosemary will help add new dimensions to your pork chops.  Feel free to experiment. 

Love, Peace, & Bacon Grease!

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