The family favorite is honey cured bacon.  We started about 5 kilos last night.  The meat counter at the local SM had only so-so pork bellies when we visited them.  They were not the nice thick ones we prefer.  But that did not slow us down for a moment.  After removing the skins, we cut the bellies into sizes easier to work with and prepared four small bowls with the correct amount of Bacon Cure #1 by weight for each piece.  Simple.  Then we took 1/4 cup of honey for each 2.5 pounds.  The amount of honey is not crucial, you can use more or less, but you want to be sure that you use the correct amount of Bacon Cure #1 based on the weight of the pork belly you are working with. 

When we cut these bellies down to smaller sizes to be easier to work with and it made them fit into the ziploc bags we have.  The pieces ranged from 2.25 pounds to 2.8 pounds each.  We adjusted our amounts of Bacon Cure #1 by using measuring spoons that were appropriate.  Each pound got a level tablespoon.  Then we figured the difference.  The teaspoon measure worked if we needed 150 grams or 5 1/4 ounces of meat left after the 2 pound weight.  A half teaspoon would handle 75 grams of met.  And the 1/4 teaspoon would do 37.5 grams of meat.  So it was just a matter of figuring how many grams were left after the 900 grams (2 pounds) the initial 2 tablespoons of Bacon Cure #1 would do. 

Then we added 1/4 cup of honey.  I had a bit of natural Maple Flavoring on hand, so we put a few drops of that in the honey to give a deeper flavor to them.  A tablespoon of hot water made it easier to spread the mixture around. If you do it, add your honey to your correctly measured Bacon Cure #1 for each piece, stir the together and then coat the exterior of your pork belly.

The photos below show how easy to coat the pork belly.  We have removed the skin and any bones or cartilage.  Then cut into easier sizes to work with.

1. Coat the fat side with the Honey/Bacon Cure #1 Mixture.
2. Be sure that all of exterior is covered with the mixture.
3. Cover the other side of the pork belly. Try to spread the mixture evenly.
4. Cover all the sides and edges. Work it in gently with the back of the spoon.
Next time we will look at using Liquid Smoke if you do not have access to a smoker for flavoring your bacon. Until then...

Love, Peace, & Bacon Grease!

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