There has been lots of discussion about food safety and the use of nitrites and nitrates in processed foods.  We share those concerns.  We use our products to feed our own families.  And happy healthy people are what we want.  For ourselves and for you.  And yes, it is all nitrogen.
Pork Belly, about to be turned into bacon.
Nitrites NaNO²

Sodium Nitrite occurs naturally, as does Sodium Nitrate.  In fact, when Sodium Nitrate is eaten, your body turns it into Sodium Nitrite.  That is simply part of the process of digestion. 

A survey of popular websites produced so many competing claims about Sodium Nitrite.  Many were almost exactly the same as the claims about Sodium Nitrate.  But they are not the same thing.  It becomes very confusing and hard to know who to believe. 

If it occurs naturally, can it be all bad? No, it isn't all bad.  Can you, like anything, eat too much?  Yes!  Just as we balance the amount in our products, you need to balance the amount of processed meat you eat. 

But we do not believe, based on the research, that sodium nitrite, in appropriate levels, is harmful.  Otherwise the natural cycle in our body that converts Sodium Nitrate to Sodium Nitrite wouldn't be part of our normal body function.  And it is a normal part of how our body converts various nutrients for use by our body.

Pork Belly, turns into bacon with the help of sodium nitrite.
Natural sources of sodium nitrates.
Nitrates NaNO3

Sodium Nitrate, oh no! Well, it is not a toxic poison, as some want people to believe.  It is found naturally in many different things that we eat.  Grains and green vegetables have lots of it.  Celery has it, spinach has it.  You don't see lots of articles saying that those things are bad for you. 

What there does seem to be agreement on is that Sodium Nitrate should not be in foods that will cooked over high heats. Bacon is one of those foods.  In the USA, Sodium Nitrate is not supposed to be "added" to the cure for bacon.  But Sodium Nitrite is used at specific levels, measured as PPM or "Parts Per Million". 

The human body converts sodium nitrate into sodium nitrite as part of normal digestion.  It does this when you eat celery, or spinach, or many fruits.  All foods that are widely claimed to be very healthy for you. 

But Sodium Nitrates do produce nitrosamines when cooked over a high heat.  And that is why we do not have Sodium Nitrate in our Bacon Cure. 

We believe that eating wisely, enjoying life, and not adding Sodium Nitrate to bacon are all good things!

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